hold it!

It's funny how God shows His encouragement.

I have been feeling a bit depressed the past couple of days. Maybe it's the time of the month, or maybe I just choose to be affected by certain events taking place that in some ways, will impact a life-changing decision that I have to make this month. They say that we should take the road less traveled but sometimes, I find myself wanting to take the easy way out. Then maybe, just maybe, I can find peace.

I don't want to see anyone this week. I don't want to meet up with friends, to even meet up with my boyfriend. I am depressed. I declare it. I just want to give in to this feeling and wallow in depression and misery. Then I know, I will be okay.

I need this time alone to be with my God. So, let's leave it at that.


Bongga Mom said...

Sorry to be a devil's advocate but frankly, I try to take the easy way out as much as I can :) Go spend a morning in bed scarfing down Doritos or chocolate, then splurge on a spa treatment and you will feel better. If Cesar gives you grief about pigging out (as Graham always does to me), tell him to stuff it and eat another chocolate right in front of him. Get it out of your system so you can be a good girl the next day :)

erica said...

chocolates, doritos, and spa! yup, i will do just that. maybe i'll just take him along =) or if he scolds me, i'll just run away. hahaha =)