ain't no river wild enough

sometimes, i can actually believe that being in a long distance relationship is a blessing. no long nights, no eating a lot (no reason to diet and spend long hours of workout), more time to do your own thing, stay up late in the office.....but really, it sucks and it gets pretty lonely. thank God for technology and how it keeps people like me connected to my lovey. but thinking about it, technology only serves as our gateway to keeping in touch...what really keeps us together is the fact that we want things to work out. we believe in the goodness of what we have...the love that is there to share, and that beautiful promise of a future together.

now...this could be fun.... =)


chistine said...

welcome to the club, girl! it'll be a one heck of an emotional rollercoaster ride, but being in an LDR with the right person will surely be worth it :-) always online if you need anything :-)

erica said...

thank you! with friends like you around..i'm so sure, everything will be okay! =)

g.knotee said...

OH MY GOSH! Congrats girl. lang masasabi ko. It is not for everybody, but knowing you, kaya mo yan. ;)ako na- simulate ko na yan.hahahaha.