searching my soul

today is a happy day. i claim it. =)

coffee with a good friend - new revelations, new inputs. i really enjoyed that iced white mocha. thanks, thanks. moral lesson - no more legalities. leave a tender moment alone, as a special someone would often say to me.

chocolates - i found dark chocolates on my office desk! and yes, they were for me...sweet gesture from someone who cares...i love it..and i shared it with my officemates too. yum, yum =)

lunch meeting - oh, i love lunch meetings...pretending to listen while eating good food at le souffle, no less. but no foie gras this time. no duck confit too. just normal pinoy lunch...served in a french restaurant...beat that!?

events, events, events - Jill's Decadance tonight, Uno-Fashion TV party at Embassy, Rockestra II, Mint party with good friends....see yah there!

this could be fun =p

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