two more weeks and i will be the happiest person in the universe! i can't wait. i'm so excited. i'm so nervous. i'm so happy.

sheesh. prayers, prayers....

Deep in the night love is growing
Though I had no way of knowing
That when I found you I found ev'rything I need
Here in your love I'll be staying
Fin'lly my life won't be living all alone
Here in the land of the loving I am home.


cille said...

ecky, just to correct you ha. 2 dapat kayo na happiest persons in the universe 13 days from now...naks. good luck, bru! pakisabi na lang lagot siya skin if.... ;)

erica said...

nyek. di noh. what are we discussing here? i meant, i get to take a leave from work. ;) comment noted. will let him know. as if.

g.knotee said...

woohoo...leave...punta ka dito!! Super thanks for the keyholder and card. miss ya!