so sick of....

the past week's activities is taking its toll on me. i need to sleep, to relax, to rest! and it doesn't help that i'm feeling a bit depressed too...yes, this is me talking..always happy, always sunny --- sorry friends, not this time :(

distraction is a good thing. thank you to a good friend for giving me copies of grey's anatomy 1 & 2. though that really shouldn't qualify as good distraction, huh? with all the gory scenes and surgeries! but somehow, i feel that i'm like meredith - especially since i'm going through something quite similar. yuck..this is so not me. relating my life story to some character of a tv series...oh, i really must be depressed! this is bad...tsk, tsk...

in any case, just to give me a little credit, there are 2 reasons why i like watching grey's anatomy:
1) Patrick Dempsey *sigh*
2) the music, the songs!
and even as i'm typing this post up, i'm listening to the series' soundtrack...i love it!

see, there are still things that i can smile about...little things that make me happy....a fresh perspective - that's all i really need.

gotta get some sleep. been up since 11am yesterday. stayed up late to watch the world cup finals!

good night friends...tomorrow is another day..

p.s. nice to be back in blogger again. never fails ;)

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g.knotee said...

hay ercs, it's just a phase. If you need someone to bring you to the real world and remind you about certain things, call me. ;)photos ha?