manic mondays....NOT!

I woke up a bit later than my usual time. Was probably tired from talking to a friend til the wee hours of the morning, plus watching 24, season 5 (which I still didn’t get to finish). The past week was a bit exhausting for me. I have realized that God has given me a gift….a gift that I must use to reach out to people and share His word. But sometimes, I just feel so burdened by everything. I feel tired. I am human after all. A good friend empathizes with me, saying that it’s really hard to be a vessel – taking on other people’s problems. I sometimes find myself longing for something or someone…that will make the day’s troubles go away. Just to have someone listen to me. Just to be quiet with someone. I enjoy comfortable silences – they’re the best! Just to commune with nature, relax, listen to good music. Just to be up on that roof.

Surprisingly, my Monday started and ended quite well. Good news at work, good news from a friend, new earrings, parlor with my sister, and to top it all - i have dinosaur pictures! Heavy rains, but no heavy heart this week!

I feel that this will be a good week! =)

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