got to the office by 530am. i really love driving at this time of the day....there's a bit of night, and light slowly coming in...though in this case, dark clouds hovering above left very little light to seep in. plus, it was a 10-minute drive. no classes today, therefore, no road congestion at all.

one thing though...driving at this time of the day...listening to red hot chili me, not good! =) i know i shouldn't have left my cds at home!

have a nice day, everyone! =)

Feel like I'm a little girl
Best thing in the whole wide world
Is I can see the makings of a memory
I remember how it used to be
Well I'm still dreaming...

'Cause I dream of simple things
I can believe in
Like the feeling this day brings
True love and the miracle of forgiving
I believe in simple things...

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Tetski said...

hey dino girl! miss ya!

Went to work early today. no traffic. heavy downpour...flood in pason tamo, as expected.