green is in!

and yes, i honestly believe the MIDORI/ZEN launch was a success! i feel so happy, excited, and relieved.

the food was sooo good...thanks to Chef Florabel Co!

the geishas were so cute....thanks to Nor and Dimple! the display and flowers were so lovely, i simply fell in love with the whole set up....thanks to Robert Blancaflor!

and thank you to everyone who helped me. the event was well attended especially by the people that matter. and everybody wore white, just as it said on the invites. i got the look i wanted. it was all "zen". i was so tensed but thank God everything went well.

it's all good. now, i can really get some sleep and spend the weekend in davao.

yahoo! by the way, you HAVE to try my new brands! MIDORI, the melon liqueur and ZEN, the green tea me, it's really good.

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Tetski said...

sorry for not making it ha! had to finish some artwork for my own launch this month.

but from the visuals here, it's a smashing success naman pala. you didn't need me there.

stay happy!