Here's to the old times
and the best of new ones
Here's to a song of glee
Finding the way from illusion to reality

Hoping to wake up from this madness
hoping to see you smile
Pushing the way to the limits of yours and mine

I'm growing up, getting down
keeping my both feet on the ground
with all my friends behind me
how can I go wrong this time?
I'm growing up, getting down
Thank God reality came around
Not just waiting for the daybreak,
expecting the sun to shine
It doesn't shine all the time

Falling in love and falling apart
You think it's the end of the line
Pour your heart out cryin'
then you'll feel just fine

If you're thinking that you're the only one
then take a look around and you'll find
I'll be there where you are
I've been out and now I'll say...

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