walking on water

I just realized that I have been so busy the past weeks that I have not been updating this blog. So here I am! Welcome me back, folks!

The past three weeks, I have been in the hospital twice. I still wonder why at this age, I am already battling health issues. I told a friend once that I have dreamt so many times in the past that I will die young. Doesn't 26 qualify as young? I hope not.

I took an exam earlier this week (this time for my MBA class). I felt pretty confident because I was able to read through my notes and practice some of the calculations although I was aware that I missed one topic. I figured, if that one topic ever comes up in the exam, what's a few points taken out of my final score, right? But that is not the case after all. As my teacher passed around the exam sheet, I felt a bit nervous for not studying that one topic.

So what is the point, right? I just learned something valueable from this exam experience. Simplify. That's the key word. I got so worked up with problem number 3 that I ended up using so many complicated calculations when I could just have simply multiplied alll the given numbers and voila! - there's the right answer! Yes, I sometimes complicate things in my life. Instead of saying sorry I tend to explain my actions. Instead of saying I love you, I end up shying away and feeling all messed up for not being upfront about my feelings.

Simplify. That's what I gotta do!

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Anonymous said...

hey ercs, i bet perfect ka na naman sa exam na yan. nerd! hehehe. but seriously, i couldn't agree more - simplify nga. alam ko ata kung san mo nakuha ang line of thinking na yan...? magkita naman tayo soon busy girl. suplada ka na daw! hehe. miss you! -mitzi