rockin' 2006!

Happy, Happy New Year dear friends!

I am finally up and about, after spending a whole week in bed - recovering from no less than the E Coli virus! A whole week watching the 4400, lots of TV (what is the matter with the world?!?!), lots of bathroom visits, playing poker, reading books, and just plain feeling weak and helpless! What can I say? Health is wealth. That's my life statement for 2006.

This post is dedicated to everyone who has helped me the past year. Thank you so much for being such a blessing in my life! It has been one rollercoaster ride, huh? But like what I always say, things happen for a reason. Thank you, friends! I never would have made it without your love, support, kindness, and generosity. And a few shots of Hpnotiq, Patron, and Amarula too! (not for me though - maybe that can be my 2006 resolution? learn to drink alcohol?!?! --- naaah.)

Happy New Year again! Looking forward to a great year ahead for all of us!

It's all good =)

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Anonymous said...

yeah right ercs. ikaw pa. that i gotta see! half a bottle of beer and you're out cold. happy new year, girl! mwah.