better days

Tonight was our pre-10th year Reunion meeting. There were 11 of us, putting our heads together, planning for our big event next year. It still amazes me how time flies so fast. 10 years ago, we were just Highshcool Seniors with big hopes and fears for the future. And now we find ourselves together once again - some still stuck in the past, some living their dreams, while others are still struggling and wondering what to do with their lives. Though we all have taken different paths, one thing hasn't changed...when we get together, we really know how to have some fun!

I couldn't stop laughing the whole evening. Reminiscing highschool days in good old Sta. Rosa -- classmates, teachers, events, gimmicks -- I took it all in and I can't help but thank God for making me go through all those experiences. I miss Taro!!! Aaarggh.

My original barkada (blurred picture up there) was present except for three persons. We expect better attendance next year when the big day comes.

10 years since highschool! still can't get over this.

I'm getting old, baby! And I'm loving every minute of it!

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