I planned on staying home this long weekend. To just bum around and probably catch up on my TV series watching. Then Liz invited me to go to Sagada with her. I thought, "Why not?".

Here's a short blow by blow (quiet, green minds! hehe) account of what happened:

Friday - Saturday (Oct 28-29) - we took the 1130pm bus going to Baguio. arrived in Baguio by 5am. took the 6am bus going to Sagada. arrived in Sagada 1030am.

We rested for a while, had good lunch, then we decided to play tour guide. We bought a map and looked for the recommended sights on our own. I thought Sagada was a get-away place but surprisingly, I saw a couple of friends from UP, one common friend of porcupine and I (porcupine thoughts - running away from the places and things that make me think of you...), and an officemate (ex-officemate) from PWS. Well, we probably had all the same idea. Liz and I walked around 3km without any success. We need a tour guide, a real one.

Sunday (Oct 30) - woke up early and met up with a couple of friends.

This day is bookmarked for caves exploration! It was fun but it was soooo tiring! My body is literally screaming in pain! I realized that I didn't put in enough hours in the gym for this! It's like working out for the first time mulitiplied by a hundred! But the sights were very interesting and breathtaking. I'll post more pictures as soon as I get them from my friends.

Monday-Tuesday (Oct 31-Nov 1) - took the 9am bus going to Baguio. arrived in Baguio by 2pm. we stayed in SM Baguio for a while to eat and rest. then, took the 9pm bus going to Manila. arrived in Manila 1am.

To sum it up, I would definitely recommend a trip to Sagada. It was a fun and exciting experience. But now, I'm so beat that I have to sign off ! Enjoy the rest of the vacation week (for the employed only). I have classes tomorrow!


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