just chillin'

This weekend turned out to be super fun!

Saturday - last day of the UK Trade Show so I had to pass by the office. Surprisingly, almost everyone was there. It was like a busy Monday, but this time - everybody was wearing shorts. I ended up staying in the office until 9pm so I slept over in Makati.

Sunday - went to Church then we were off to the spa! It was Iris' treat --- a full spa treatment for Kat and I. We all smelled like coffee after. Next time, I'll try the chocolate treatment - they use Hershey's! Yummy! Then I went back to Makati to catch a movie with Patrick and Kat. I haven't been going to the cinemas for so long and I was so excited! I think the last movie I saw was around 6-8 months back. I got home around 1am when I realized that I forgot to buy Nestea Iced Tea for tomorrow's Sales Rally. Thank God for 24-hour groceries. I went to Cost-U-Less and I ended up buying more than just iced tea. There's a lot to be said, doing your grocery shopping at 2am. No long lines, no noisy customers, no rush at all. Check out LC Bacon Spread's new packaging -- it's so cute! Hehe. Just fooling around.

Now here I am checking my mails and blogging though I'm off to dreamland in a few minutes. I have a big week ahead of me -- quizzes, cases, online reports -- the works!

I'm just happy I smell like coffee!

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