first day funk

Today is UP's first day of registration and I was there to experience it all again! Being with friends, walking along the familiar places, falling in line (really loooong queues!) and eating my classic UP breakfast in Casaa - bacon and Milo!

This day was spent reminiscing about the good and bad times spent in the State U. I'm all giddy with happiness though I feel so tired because I had to go to the Registrar's Office and PNB minimum 4 times because of the "system". I have forgotten how it's like in UP when it's reg day. Makes me wish RVC was still around. Haha.

Gosh, I suddenly found myself walking down memory lane. I have missed UP so much and I'm glad I'm back.

Little bits and pieces.... little boy and little angel, the oblation bridge, vinzon's and McDo sundae, getting to know each other, CBA, the capsule, the Cafe, Business Econ stint, more than you'll ever know, the fireflies, CS, Math, Nigs starry night, overnights, tambayan, Green House, Cool King....the list just goes on and on! It was also nice to see the old reliables in UP. Not much has changed. I hope that everyone there is creating memories just as my friends and I did.

it's that little souvenir of a colorful year
which makes me smile inside
so I cynically, cynically say the world is that way
surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise

here's where the story ends

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g.knotee said...

hey you! i didn't know you're back in UP! MBA ba to???