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I'm taking a breather from all the reading I've been doing. All these formulas and cases are driving me nuts. Maybe I'll just sing a song...

You are my only one
You are my only one
Well i'm telling you now you're my only one

I've got two long legs like to carry me
Two sharp eyes to look for the light
Two strong arms to hold on tight
Two good friends on my left and right
But only one, only one.......


Taken for granted and pushed aside
All that it wanted was a place to run and hide
Missing message in a hollow tree
Hidden deep inside a memory
And the memory seems like dreams
Hundreds of hopes in the past
Nevertheless it was never the last
Hold on strong or you fade out fast
And only one only one.......yeah!

Or maybe I'll take a short nap...

Darn it. My phone's ringing!

I have officially turned down a job offer today. The package was pretty good, but I just don't see myself doing what it is that they want me to do (hmmm...).

Back to hitting the books! I can't believe I'm saying that again.

This is harder than I imagined.


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