Today, I am officially a student again!

I had a horrible, terrible dream last night. It felt so real.

I decided to make a small research....

Your brain mind and spirit, while at rest "review" and analyze in it's own way long term, short term and spirit memory. It kicks around emotions, thoughts, ideas, actions and interactions of the short term memory. It has in it's background the trends of your life and philosophy to influence it. Your mind is also processing spiritual data, your beliefs, whether or not you violated them, your information gained through psychic intuition (we ALL have this to a certain degree) and of course, any communication from God. ALL THIS data, as well as your subconscious "reading between the lines" of what people do and tell you, is then processed unsupervised by you! All this data is a form of chaos, and your mind (like seeing images in wood grain or clouds) puts it all together in a form of visual "screenplay", a medley of sight, sound,emotion and imagined interactivity. The end result is.... You guessed it, a dream!

Nothing much gained from this information. I don't feel very perky today. I can't seem to shake this nightmare off.

Rain outside my window pouring down
What now, you're gone, my fault, I'm sorry...

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