chances are

We all met up in 6 Underground last night to pray and see if Liz would win the "watch the U2 concert @ Madison Square Garden" raffle sponsored by KLite. Sadly, she wasn't really qualified, although she sang her lungs out (more like recited the lyrics, but hey, she's got balls!) on air. Mainly because she forgot to comply with one teeny requirement -- secure a US Visa.

We had fun, listening to Overtone (wrong spelling...?) and updating each other about our boring lives ( ang pait ng kape! hahaha ). Ryan gave me "The Man Show" dvds. Maybe I'll check it out. I'm still high from watching Lost season 2!

Liz didn't win (obviously) but her officemate, Arner, who was with our group too, won the all-expense paid trip to NYC! And a U2 concert ticket! Wowee!!! We couldn't help but scream and laugh! Lucky fellow!

By the way, today is Mr. Gordon Sumner's birthday. My boss passed by his vineyard last week when he was vineyard hopping in Europe. Another lucky fellow!

Well, happy birthday Sting! Thank you for the music! Rock on!

Liz went home with a mug from one of the sponsors. There you have it --- another lucky person.

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