when inspiration strikes

I wasn't planning on going out tonight. I had planned my day well - to spend the morning at the parlor and the afternoon at the mall. Unfortunately, I woke up late and wasted half of the day already. I got to the parlor around 2pm. It was worth it. My badly needed Reflex was soooo good. No more feet aches for me!

Around 6pm, I was off to Le Pavillion to check out the Marlboro event. It was one smokin' gig! Literally. Rivermaya was the guest band and I got to say hello to the Circe team and the band members. Memories of days gone by. Hahaha.

9pm I was on my way to Rockwell to hook up with Kat, Neil, and Paolo. I couldn't pass this up since this has turned out to be a regular thing among us. Coffee and updates. Lots of laughs over the LM and RS stories. More coffee and stories. My crystals are solidifying once again. No more coffee for me. Seriously.

12 midnight I had to meet up with my friends --- this time a different set --- in Metrowalk. Bobby, Nikki, Cris, Florabel, and Hpnotiq waiting for me when I got there. I had to catch up since I was really late. Next week, Patron will be joining the group.

2am I was on my way to Richmonde. Congratulations Jerome (for finishing his MBA degree), Dr. Panch and Dra. Pia (for passing the medical boards)!!! I just said a quick hello and sneaked out. The place was trashed. I hope they still get the discount.

And now here I am at 4am blogging away... I enjoy being "connected" here at home! I can at least unload my thoughts before going to sleep. What a great day this turned out to be. Next week is rest week. No more night outs. Just sleep. Lots of sleep.

Before I sign off, just a thought. People have to understand that the past is in the past. It must not interfere with the future. The past should be learned from but the present should be lived. I say this due to recent events that have transpired. We had too many chances already. But that's all in the past now. Let's both look towards the future and think about tomorrow. Like what I always say, things will work out for the best. For you and for me. I know they did for me.

After all, I have magic beans.

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