And once again, I have a friendster account, thanks to Ate Elena who created one for me!

I wasn't going to join back the Friendster circle but with our 10th year Highschool Reunion (yes, I'm that old!) coming up in March, I have to admit that Friendster helps in keeping in touch with my long lost classmates. I think the Rosenans 96 are around 85 -- 70 are already on friendster. Cool huh?

On another note, I'm feeling a bit depressed for the past week. At least searching for people on the web keeps my mind off my problems. Keeps me sane.

I'm working at home now. All I really need is internet connection to be able to email my Principals. It's hard to concentrate at work with all these things going on. At least here, I'm always home alone. Superficial temporary peace.

I better stop blogging and get back to work.

Happy week everyone! I hope I can say the same for me.

So Jobert, what's the reading?


Jobert said...

reading? Well, by next week it'll be more serene with you focusing more on yourself than with others.


Hello Erica, nice to see you back in Friendster!

Trissie Corpus said...

Hahaha... not to mention it's a great way to get in touch with folks who have resided elsewhere other than Manila. :) Free tour guides, free living quarters, free food and a whoel lot more! :) Yeah, yeah, I'm a cheapskate, but hey, then you realize, you've got more dough to burn at outlet malls. HAHAH.

erica said...

trissie!!! hey! how's life treating you in the US of A? =)